How do I add external tracking?

For each product link we can add external tracking, such as Google DoubleClick. In your selected inksapce, go to the "Exports" tab and select "Tracking" for a particular export.

Activate the "Advance 3rd party tracking" section (1). There are three fields at your disposal (2):

  • item_url: It represents the value of a product link and should normally begin with a {url_raw} mark. Next, add subsequent values or macros that you want to enter as the parameters for this address;
  • redirect: In this field you can add external tracking, which should precede the product address;
  • adwords_redirect: Field used only in the Google format. It works on the same principle as the "redirect" field.

Here you can see how the "Advance 3rd party tracking" section can be used to the fullest.