Why are the "Internal elements" fields divided into groups?

The "Internal elements" fields are divided into groups so that you can quickly locate the fields that you want to map to your data structure.

  • General: The most basic and commonly used fields. Without them most of your exports will not be accepted by publishers.
  • Google: These fields are dedicated to Google and Facebook
  • Unique_ids: Here you will find fields that describe your products using unique codes.
  • Shipping: Fields related to shipping data.
  •  Availability_and_price: These are the fields where you save information about product price and availability.
  • Google_analytics: If you import data from Google Analytics, you can use these fields to save the data.
  • Others: Rarely used fields describing various characteristics.
  • Custom_variables: Here you can add your own fields. Their names should indicate their purpose and can't be the same as the names of the "Internal elements" fields.

You can also use the search box to quickly find the field you need. http://jmp.sh/lLu2ZFr