What happens if I downgrade my subscription plan?

When you downgrade your subscription plan, the number of products that can be imported into the system goes down, and so does the number of product feeds that you can export to your partners. The downgraded plan becomes effective immediately, but there is no reimbursement of funds. The best solution is therefore to cancel the subscription first (by clicking "Cancel" next to the current plan). This way your Inkspace will begin the process of "expiring". The day before the end of the expiration period change the plan to a downgraded one. 

To change the plan go to the price list which can be accessed by clicking the "General" button in the selected Inkspace, or by selecting "Settings" if you are already in the desired Inkspace.

Then, choose "Change it" in the "Subscription" panel and go to the price list.

Adjust the settings of your plan and click "Change it". If your Inkspace contains more products than your new plan allows, their number will be reduced and you will lose some of your products. If your Inkspace contains more exports than your new plan allows, those that exceed the limit of the new plan will be deactivated – their settings will be kept but you will not be able to download them or share them with your publisher.