How to add an Import?

Import is the data source of all the products in your store

Once you’ve set up your Inkspace and selected a subscription plan, adding an import is the next step. 

Go to your selected Inkspace and click the "Imports" tab (1), then add your first import.

The data source can be a csv or xml file (2). Choose a name for the import, e.g. "My products", and enter an address of your data source – your source file must be located at a specific url (this is necessary because our system will regularly retrieve data from this address). 

Once you’re done, save the import. The process of downloading the file will start – it can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the number of products contained in the data source. Once the data is successfully downloaded, you can proceed to the next step by selecting "Go to next step". 

This way, you will move on to the next section (1) called "Mapping".

Here you can see which fields from your source were imported (2). If the system recognizes the format of the imported source, then mapping will start automatically. If not, you must help the system understand how your source is built. 

First select the element in which your products are contained and then combine the "Imported elements" fields with our "Internal elements" by simply dragging and dropping them in the "Mapped elements" section. 

You can see the whole process here.