What kind of Inkspace statuses can appear and what do they mean?

  1. Updated: This means that all your imports were successfully updated (all imports now have the "Updated" status).You have full access to the data that is a combination of all your imports in a particular Inkspace.
  2. Updating: This means that the update process is currently under way on Inkspace. The data is retrieved from imports, processed into the Inkspace database, and exports are generated. This is the moment when the functionality of the system is limited and this state lasts until the end of the process.
  3. Failed: At least one of the imports you added was unsuccessful. Go to the list of imports and check the settings of the import that displayed the error. The "Failed" status does not mean that your exports no longer work. It simply means that they haven't been updated.
  4. No imports: This means that you haven't added any imports yet in a particular Inkspace. This may also be related to the fact that you haven't chosen a subscription plan for your Inksapce.
  5. Unpaid: We were unable to charge you for your subscription. We will send a notification about the situation as well as instructions how to solve this problem to your account e-mail address.